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Synchromysticism is a portmanteau of the words “synchronicity” and “mysticism.” A Synchronicity is a coincidence with meaning which is usually far less likely to occur naturally than typical coincidences. An observance of synchronicity is often coupled with a recent moment of personal enlightenment or great insight. A shift in consciousness of perceived reality will usually determine ones ability to see an increased number of synchronicities.

The synchromystic world-view is that every-Thing in the universe is connected. All symbols have multiple layers of information, histories, and interpretations. Given enough time and information, eventually all symbols, themes and ideas will be found to contain information about all the others so that each piece of the puzzle becomes holographic in nature; meaning that by focusing on one idea, all others can potentially be expressed. If one is familiar with the Eastern philosophic idea that “all is One,” then synchromysticism allows a person to prove it for themselves through active involvement with synchronicity not only in the media saturated world around them, but also in their personal lives. Synchromysticism can be used to decode meaning in situations where that meaning may not have been implied or even originally intended. It has also been used by some in an attempt to foresee future events.

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Development of the human brain

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The Three Archangels: St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel 

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Christian Schloe


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I am working on something much bigger. It will become public on 1st January, 2015. In the meantime, you might wish to enjoy live footage of protests in Hong Kong:

Mostly it just seems to be people sitting around eating at the moment, but I’m sure it’s going to kick off again soon. It seemed like an apt metaphor.

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Veganism is a lifestyle, according to which people try to live animal cruelty free; without contributing to animal exploitation, torture and murder. Vegans don’t consume meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey, and also don’t use animal tested products, leather and wool clothes and so on. Veganism is…

As clear and as comprehensive a definition as you’re ever going to find. :)